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A Pregnancy Update…27 Weeks!

Pregster Update:

18 week - bump pic2

So, after all this book talk, I obviously now have a whole new pool of material for my next book: about the pregnancy! I haven’t updated the blog much about it so I figured I’d start now. I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and thankfully all is well. We are having a little girl! As you can see, our Maine Coon, Bear, is super excited:


Here is me at 25 weeks:

25 weeks

And since I showed you that pic, I can now follow it up with this one:

26 weeks

It’s not my fault she loves cookies! Needless to say I have lots of material and info for a new book already 🙂 It’s amazing those points throughout the day when it hits you that there is a little mini “you guys” just floating around inside if you…right now she’s just rolling around, kicking, and hanging out. We can’t wait to meet her.
Hope you enjoyed the blog this week…HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!

-Ali 🙂

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