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Easy Indoor Planter with Faux Tree from Amazon

Do you want to turn a lonely, boring corner in your home into a beautiful statement piece? Then look no further because I’m about to rock your world with this easy indoor planter with faux tree from Amazon.

Yes, Amazon! I’m still shocked at how beautiful it turned out.

You can pull this look together in minutes, and I will show you how. Once it’s put together the whole thing is lightweight, durable, easy to move, and looks soooooo beautiful.

I’ve been searching for a faux tree that looks realistic and not plastic, if you know what I mean. After loads of research, trials, and errors, I finally took a chance on this one.

Why I Love This Tree

What I love about this tree is that it looks so real, even up close. But there are other great things about it: the materials are US-based and hand-crafted. They are made with real moss accents and locally-sourced, ethically-harvested real wood trunks. And you can bend and reposition the leaves and branches to your liking.

This tree is also non-toxic, so you don’t get any of those strange chemical smells or have to put it out in the garage to let it off-gas. All of this considered this tree checks off pretty much all of the boxes for me.

And just look at it!

I’ve honestly hesitated buying florals from Amazon because I haven’t found it easy to find the quality I’ve been looking for, but I am noticing recently that Amazon has upped their game. And if you know me, you know this makes me very excited for the seasons of fall and winter, so stay tuned for all my favorite finds as the seasons change 😉

How to Put it Together

Even though the tree alone is already a good height (60″), I wanted to lift it just a bit more because the room we have it in here is two-story. So, I got a tall planter like this one, and then I dropped in a smaller planter that fit nicely right inside of it that I could use to prop it up.

You don’t have to use a small planter inside of your larger one like I did. You could prop your tree up using styrofoam, a cardboard box, paint cans, a canister, or really anything you have lying around because you’re going to cover it up anyway – you just need it to add height.

At this point, go ahead and gently place your faux tree right inside that planter.

Next, you want to add some of these floral blocks. These are a must for all sorts of craft projects, so. I always keep them on hand. They are easy to use and easy to slice through if you need to make them smaller or fit into tighter spaces.

These are just filler to go in here for you to cover up with moss, so again, don’t go crazy here, it doesn’t need to be pretty. Just wedge them into the sides to create a foundation for your moss.

Lastly, use the moss to cover up the floral blocks. The moss is what adds texture, color, and what really makes the whole thing looked pulled together and finished, so you’ll want to be sure you use a good quality moss (like the one I’ve linked).

Look how gorgeous!

Just a few small steps and you’ve pulled together a gorgeous focal point and statement piece in your home in minutes.

I am so impressed with the quality! I hope this inspires you to fill a lonely corner with some beauty.

Was this post helpful? Did you create something like this in your home? Tell me in the comments!


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