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Yes I Can: First Time Canning Peppers From the Home Garden

Hi PunkWives! Lots of good stuff going on, with Halloween tomorrow! We had our annual house party this past weekend, which was a great time, and thanks to Pinterest, I put together a super cute, super cheap, caramel apple bar! Hopefully you had a chance to check it out, and if you are looking for a snack to enjoy tomorrow night as you give out your candy, this is it. There are some other great Halloween snacks I found that I will be blogging about shortly.

Also, last night I got ambitious and cleaned out my garden:

Can you say, holy peppers?! OH, and don’t forget the bag full of basil I harvested:

As a result of all this, tonight I will be taking my first foray into canning. I am a total virgin to this process so let’s hope these jars are gentle. Lucky for me, I scored a great deal on OpenSky (which as you know is one of my favorite sites,) for an entire canning kit, complete with the giant 20 qt water bath stockpot – so I feel pretty confident.

In addition to canning peppers like a mo fo, I’m also going to whip up a giant batch of basil and jar servings of that, too. Oh yeah – it’s on tonight. Forget hurricane Sandy, because it’s hurricane Ali tonight in my kitchen. Stay tuned for the DIY if it goes well (or the shit-show post on “Canning Disasters” if it does not). I found some pretty good, simple-sounding recipes for canning banana peppers, so fingers crossed – because mama wants to enjoy some home-grown pepperoncinis this winter. This is the first year my garden produced such a large amount that I can actually attempt to preserve it for the off-season! What about you – canning anything this year? Any tips, or words of advice? Extra cabernet to send, as encouragement??


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