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WINNER of the Terra Cotta “Footprints” Pendant Giveaway!

Remember the giveaway for the adorable “Footprints” essential oil diffuser pendant from Terra Cotta Pendants I ran last week? (That’s the longest most awkward-sounding sentence, by the way, but I couldn’t find a better way to word it. Anyway.)

Well, may I have your attention, pleeeease?!? WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! And the winner is…. (drumroll)…………..

—–>>>>>KELLY LOPER!!!!!!<<<<<—–

Kelly, you won!!! I tried to put your name in lights but that is the best I could do. But you don’t care, because YAHOO!!! You won!! Send me your address where we can ship you the pendant at:, and we will ship it out to you ASAP!

If your name did not make it displayed in lights on my blog, don’t worry, I have more giveaways planned! And if you loved the pendant, you can grab one here. For $8, you can’t go wrong!


So, to recap:

  • You can snag the $8 pendant, along with the “Footprints” poem (included), HERE (this is what Kelly won)
  • You can snag a bottle of Lavender oil (great calming effect for parents and baby), HERE.

Congrats again, Kelly! Email me your address at: Thanks for playing!!

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