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Who Needs a Tooth Fairy When You Can Have a “Poop Fairy”?

Who Needs a Tooth Fairy When You Can Have a “Poop Fairy”?

Penelope is officially a 1 year old and I’ve never run out to the store to purchase a package of diapers. Does my baby have a magical tooshie that never poops? Nope. I subscribe to a weekly delivery service for cloth diapers. This exists. They even wash them for you. And it’s cheaper than purchasing regular diapers! Who knew?


When I suggested to my husband that we use cloth diapers for Penelope, I believe his reaction was: “There ain’t no f*#%ing way we’re washing poop diapers.” I almost abandoned the idea but then the heavens opened (read: I searched the internet) and led me to the perfect solution: a service that actually washes the diapers for you. No shit! Literally – NO SHIT!!

I called up Ivy’s Diaper Service, and Jessika came over the house to give my very pregnant self and my husband a demonstration, fake baby doll and all. Sooo, we could have our diapers delivered to our doorstep by a local service? And we don’t have to wash poop? For $24 a week? With less diaper rash, waste, and toxic chemicals? And this could actually help our little poop machine potty train quicker?? WHERE DO I SIGN?? I then learned I didn’t have to sign or lock myself into a single thing: if I didn’t like it, I could cancel the weekly service at any time.

So on every Tuesday for the past year, we place the bag full of poopy diapers on our doorstep and, like magic, the poopy diaper fairy (A.K.A., Ivy’s Diaper Service) comes and takes it away, replacing it with a bag full of fresh, totally clean diapers.

Does that make me crunchy?

I mentioned I use cloth diapers to a relative once (hi Lauren!), and she gasped and said, “Oh Ali, who knew you were so crunchy?!” Her reaction was funny, and we both laughed. But really: am I crunchy?

I have nothing against crunchy, but if we’re throwing labels around, I’m not so sure that one fits. What’s the opposite of crunchy: soft? That isn’t quite right for me, either. And so today, I declare myself….wait for it…..


That’s right, people. I am one Crispy Little Bitch. And a cloth diaper service is the perfect solution for us Crispy Little Bitches. If you are part of the CLB club, Ivy’s might be the best choice for you.

Here, just a few more reasons this CLB loves cloth diapering with Ivy’s Diaper Service:

  • cloth diapers promotes earlier potty training (Penelope already pees and poops in the toilet and has been since she was six months old, but that is a topic for a separate post. Ask me how or call me crazy in the comments)
  • less chance for diaper rash (Penelope has never had diaper rash!)
  • No trips to the store, no running out, and of course, no washing poop (although, side note: I learned that it’s not really poop that’s the problem; it’s the pee. Ivy’s tests the pH in every load to be sure it is neutralized, which helps baby avoid diaper rash and skin irritation – something that sounds like it’d be hard to do at home!)
  • at $0.24 a diaper, you kinda can’t beat it.

Ivy’s even offers what they charmingly call the “Dalmatian Service”, which provides the weekly diapers at a cheaper rate, with a slight catch: they may have some stubborn…“spots”.


Can you imagine the look on Greg’s face when Jessika from Ivy’s told us about this?! Neat freak that he is, he was about ready to rip his own skin off! She barely finished explaining it when “Oh HELL no!” came out of his mouth. But still, the “dalmatian diapers” are just as clean, and Ivy’s has quite a few families who take advantage of this service who don’t mind a few “spots”.

Do you have any questions about cloth diapering? Or, more importantly, do you want a free week trial? If you answered ‘yes’ and you are local to Charlotte, NC, you are in luck: Ivy’s is giving a free week of diaper service to PunkWife readers. If you’re unsure but just want to check it out, Ivy’s offers a free cloth diaper class once per month. Coming from a local mom who has used the service for over a year and couldn’t be more happy, I can tell you with confidence that you’ll love it for your babies, too.

Go ahead and call Jessika. Tell her PunkWife sent you, and you’d like a free visit from the poop fairy. You won’t be disappointed!


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