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Very Cool, Very Easy DIY Decor Project!

Quick and simple fix for a guest room! Rather than searching for a headboard, make your own unique piece! Thinking outside the box just a little yields big results – this piece below transformed my whole room. Here is the piece I found, folded up in a box at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It’s meant to be a room divider:

I simply removed the hinges (4 total) with a screwdriver so that I could separate the panels, and painted over the birds in an orangy-reddish color so that it would match the room. I used a level and a couple of nails, and hung the panels on the wall. Check out the results!

This was the room, before:

What a difference! This took maybe a half hour! The piece was $79, and even less with a 20% off coupon (PS – BB&B takes expired coupons!) So even though it’s so chilly that snow has made a guest appearance in 49 out of 50 states this year, when I walk into our guest room, I get a little bit of Spring 🙂

*It looks like Bed Bath and Beyond may no longer carry this particular divider, but here is a beautiful and inexpensive one I found on

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Ali, I love your blog. I’m so proud of you. Keep it coming.

Thanks for sharing your blog link. I really like it. As you know we will be moving into a new space soon. I have no Idea what it will look like but I already have some thoughts based on your blog about how I might decorate. Thanks. Steven

Thanks Steven! And CONGRATS to you guys! That is great 🙂 I will definitely keep the ideas coming!

What a cool idea, we love those big paintings but they are usually fairly expensive, and we can never find on we really love. Your idea is a lot more affordable and also I find that I like alot more of the designs that they come in. Can you just come and decorate my place for me?

Thanks! And yes, of course! Anytime.

Wow Ali, this is a really cute idea! It seems to make the room more inviting and amazing everytime you walk in! Good job!

This is so creative. I would love to try this out when the time comes to move to a place with more bedrooms. I am definitely going to keep this in mind. It looks beautiful!

Hey Ali,

I love your blog and I love your idea! Looking for advice. What quick and cheap suggestions do you have for creating a headboard if there is a small window above your bed? We were originally going to sacrifice a headboard, and just put pillows, but i am wondering if you have any creative ideas to add something special!

love you!

Thanks Stacey! Let’s see…how small is it? Is it centered? A couple of ideas come to mind. If you can, send me a pic to my email so I can see size, and I’ll shoot you back some suggestions!

I loved this when I first saw this at the house! Such creativity you have……Ali Stewart….Martha Macaluso!!!! Luv your blog. Keep it up. Luv ya!


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