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Today’s Toddler: February Edition

Toddler’s are hilarious. It’s really a good thing, and probably some sort of built-in evolutionary measure to ensure their place in your home, because they can really drive you in.SANE.

And so, I drink wine, and channel my anguish into the arts.

Last month I created a mock-up magazine cover as a spoof of the day-to-day craziness of toddler-dom. It’s what I imagine Miss P would read (you know, if she could read).

I did it again this month. Check out February’s edition:

Toddler Life Magazine, February Edition

If you like this sort of thing, and also suffer from Toddler-itis (or remember all-too-well the symptoms), I’ll even include January’s cover:

Today's Toddler Magazine January Edition

You, are, WELCOME.

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