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The “Cookie Dough-Lympics”

Ladies and gentleman, brace yourselves: you can now eat your cookie dough raw without fear of Salmonella. I am currently reviewing a new cookbook FULL of recipes with egg-less, raw cookie dough (more details on that soon.) But in the meantime, I have entered the “Cookie Dough-Lympics,” and must come up with my own recipe with the heavenly (and salmonella-free) concoction. I have until Friday. And I need your help.

Currently I am thinking of a recipe involving frozen banana slices, topped with the delicious dough. I’m calling it “Banana Cookie Bites,” and you can check out a sneak peek below…

What do you think? Banana Cookie Bites? Banana Cookie Coins? It’s simple, but seems like an easy frozen treat for summer. Have any ideas? I have till Friday to continue experimenting. What would you make with the dough? What would you call it? Tell me in the comments!


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DEATH NUGGETS!! These look good, Ali! now tell me how to make eggless cookies cause you know i’ll eat all the dough before any of it even makes it to a tray.

HAHAHAHA great name!!! I’ll post the recipe soon!!

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