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Red Snapper Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Oh, wow. These were in. sane. And I still can’t get over how easy they were to make, and how few ingredients were involved. It was pouring rain tonight so we couldn’t use the grill outside, but good ol’ Georgey Foreman came to the rescue, which may have worked out even better. Here we go….


2 red snapper fillets (tilapia works great for these too)
2 limes
1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped
2 mangos
olive oil
s & p
ground cumin
sour cream, or dairy-free sour cream (optional)
soft tacos


Step 1: Rinse the fish and pat dry, then place in a dish and season with salt & pepper.

Step 2: Prepare your marinade. Squeeze the 2 limes in a small bowl and add 6 tablespoons of olive oil, almost all of the cilantro, and a little bit of lime zest (grated peel of the lime.) Add a touch of salt & pepper, and whisk together to get a nice vinaigrette.

Step 3: Slice up your mango. (Click here for a simple how-to on this one. Don’t worry, I was friggin clueless the first time I picked one up, but it’s easy.) *Tip: if you are going to use and outdoor grill, you can slice your mango into thicker, longer chunks so you don’t lose any in between the grates.*

Step 4: Brush each side of the fish with the vinaigrette, and brush the mango with it, too. Reserve a few tablespoons on the side for later. *Lightly* sprinkle some ground cumin on both the mangoes and the fish.

Step 5: Grill your mangoes. This should take about a minute or two on each side, just until they are slightly browned. Once done, set aside.

Step 6: Grill your fish. The Red Snapper should take about 7-10 minutes; for tilapia, about 5.

Step 7: Warm your soft tacos. If you are outside on the grill you can lay some of these guys on the upper deck, like you would hamburger/hot dog buns. If you are inside, like we were, just put them in a toaster oven on “bake” setting at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes.

Step 8: Once your tacos are warm and your fish is cooked through, you are almost ready.

Step 9 (I am fond of having 10 steps and have a touch of OCD, so I’m stretching this out): Walk the plates over to the table. Place the tacos on the plate. Assemble in this order: fish, then mangoes, then a drizzle of the reserved vinaigrette, then a sprinkle of reserved cilantro, then a dollop of sour cream.

Step 10: Fold taco. Insert in mouth. Say “Mmmmmm.”

*Charlotte, NC Residents: This Red Snapper came from my new obsession – The Clean Catch Fish Market. This market flies fresh fish in on a daily basis. It is top-quality and very delicious. Located in Selwyn. 


Alessandra Macaluso is the author of What a Good Eater! , Lucy the Bee and the Healing Honey, and The Real-Deal Bridal Bible. She’s also a Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, and overall wellness advocate. Her work has been featured in several anthologies which can all be found on her Amazon author page, and she has contributed to The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, TODAY Parents, and many other online publications.

Alessandra is a northerner-turned-southerner, enjoying the south with her children, Penelope and Ciro, and her husband, Greg.