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Quick and Healthy Tip For Your Kitch:

If you’re anything like me you buy healthy foods with the best of intentions, but sometimes they get lost in the “twilight zone” of your fridge. Here is a quick and easy tip to get you on the road to eating healthier and cooking more often in 2011: Pick a simple bowl, or something that can store food, and put it out on your counter. Keep healthy foods in it: tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, etc. and make sure you take all food out of any plastic bags/packaging. Fresh fruits and veggies may keep a little less longer than they would if in your fridge, but by keeping certain foods this way, you are constantly seeing them – so you’re reminded on a daily basis to look up a recipe, not waste your money, and eat better. You’ll be way more likely to make a fast snack or whip up something quick with enticing, fresh ingredients. I did this by accident: I had nowhere to keep this serving piece, and kept it on my counter temporarily until I could decide where to put it – turns out it made the decision for me 😉 Sounds very simple and small, I know, but sometimes its the little things that make all the difference…and it sure beats finding your healthy foods three weeks later, tucked behind milk cartons and take-out containers, sporting green fuzzy mohawks.

Any favorite bowl or dish will do, but if you like this piece from Crate & Barrel, you can find it here:

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[…] will feel like a rock star (and a well-nourished one, at that.) The first thing I did was check my kitchen display bowl to see what I had on hand. I had some garlic, a couple of onions, plus a squash, a zucchini, and […]

[…] While the idea of home made iced tea sounds good, I never seem to have the time to brew a good batch when I am craving it. But all of the options on the shelves are not very appealing – they are loaded with sugar, articficial ingredients, and a slew of other mystery additives I couldn’t pronounce if I tried. (Yup, I’m officially a self-proclaimed iced tea snob.) You can imagine how happy I was while food shopping when I found a brand of organic iced tea with normal, pronounceable ingredients. I was even happier when I got it home and tried it: it was delicious!  The result is a delicious drink that I have actually forced myself to enjoy, that is also a quick and easy option for when you entertain. Give it a try! Purchase a bottle or two of your favorite brand, pour it in a clear pitcher or jug, and add any of the following: sliced lemon, some honey, or a few springs of mint. (And PS, in case you are wondering – the brand I found is “Sweet Leaf,” and the jug in the top picture came from Target!) For another simple idea to trick yourself into eating healthier, click here. […]

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