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Prepare for Launch: the What a Good Eater! Cookbook

If I could share with you the phrases I’ve uttered this week as if they were book titles and/or songs, here’s what they’d be:

  • Your Brother is a Person, Not a Ragdoll
  • Something Pooped in the Garden
  • Now that I’ve Got them Both in the Tub, How Will I Get Them Out?
  • What’s That Smell?

And, finally:

That’s right – it’s heeeeere!!! 2+ years in the making, and I’m finally holding a copy. I hardly slept last night – I had periods of time where my eyes closed but I was too freaking excited and kept waking up to check the alarm clock.

We are holding steady as #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Baby Food cookbooks, #11 in Baby Food and #14 in Organic. I am emotional and proud and somewhat stunned that it’s finally here. And the reviews that are pouring in…well, go see for yourself!

What a Good Eater! on Amazon

Pick up your copy today, for yourself or as a gift, or both. I think you will love it! What a Good Eater! on Amazon


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