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Inside-Out Iced Coffee


I’m not a heavy coffee drinker. I’d honestly probably drink it more, but if I did I’d be a jittery, palpatating mess. But I do like the taste of coffee, and on the weekends it is a guilty pleasure of mine. But it always seems like we make too much, and it kills me to dump it down the drain. Which is how my new favorite drink was born.

Inside-Out Iced Coffee


Inside-out iced coffee is a simple concept. I freeze the extra coffee into cubes and save them in bags in my freezer. Then, on certain days when I could use a refreshing, extra “kick” without wanting to drink a whole cup of coffee, I simply pour myself a cup of almond milk and toss a few coffee cubes in it. Instant. Refreshment.

Plus, it ensures that my favorite coffee does not go to waste. (We budget quite a bit, but coffee is one of the things Greg and I splurge on – we buy Bulletproof coffee.)


Ahhhhhhhh. I can’t even tell you how psyched it makes me that I am beginning this little ritual right in time for summer.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Brew coffee.
  2. Pour the extra into an ice-cube tray this is the one I have:Fred & Friends Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray, but you can use a plain ol’ ice cube tray – I just felt like being fancy)
  3. Once coffee is frozen into cubes, pop them out and save in a freezer bag, or use right away



That’s it!! Enjoy a little coffee “kick” – without the commitment of a full cup! It doesn’t hurt that you’re being resourceful and saving money, while you’re at it.

I know what you’re also thinking: wouldn’t this make for a fan-TAS-tic alcoholic beverage? Why, yes it would! Might I suggest a Kahlua and milk, with a few of these cubes dropped into the glass? Perhaps an espresso-tini? The possibilities are endless!

PS! If you already use Bulletproof Coffee, or if you want to try it out, you can get it here.

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Love this idea!! Sounds delicious! I’m going to try it. Thanks!

Awesome! Hope you love it 🙂

Omg I LOVE this idea!!!!

So simple, right?! I am never wasting coffee again! OH and also, as a follow-up – sometimes I’ll make a shake for lunch in the bullet. Now, instead of using regular ice cubes, I toss one or two of these in there for a little coffee pick-me-up. I’m loving it!

Nice! I had to stop drinking coffee too for similar reasons but I also Love the taste and smell of a well brewed freshly ground batch (or even just the ground canned variety – I’m no true coffee snob). Now I can actually indulge a little without the feeling that my heart is going to take a leap out of my chest. Thanks!

Yes! Nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

Hi Ali! I too hate to waste the left-over coffee and it’s so hard to make exactly the correct amount! I love iced coffee in the summertime.I just add cream and sugar 😮 and put it in the fridge once the left-over coffee is cooled. Sometime I make ice cubes with mocha coffee – gives a nice touch as they melt.
I’ve never tried it with coconut milk. Hmm…

Love the idea of mocha cubes, Lori!

THANK YOU for sharing with us on the Mostly Homemade Mondays link up! I hope you join us again this week. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

Anytime! You too…I’ll see you next time! 🙂

OMG What a great idea! Definitely going to do this. Just need to buy some ice trays. THANKS!

Yes! You can be fancy like me (ha ha) and buy the Amazon one, but any old ice tray of course works just as good! 🙂

Almond milk tastes so gross!

Ha! I gotta disagree Luke but this comment made me LOL 😉 Try it in another milk, like coconut or regular!

I use my leftovers to make a protein coffee chocolate chip smoothie in the morning. Wonderful!

YUM, Shawn! I put a couple in a shake the other day too, it was delish! What kind of protein do you use? I’m always looking for a good one…

okay-great post, now please tell me about those ice cube coffee bean shaped trays!!!????

‘@Heidi, thanks! And about the tray, I am in love with mine! It’s the little things! You can get it here:

Hi, Alessandra. This is a great idea. Here in Italy we have some very good and very expensive coffee, that would be a pity to waste! I myself don’t drink coffee anymore 🙁 cause of tachicardia it use to give me, but Barley coffee everyday. Now we are going to move to US and my husband says I will not find any there. Do you if it’s true? what are the alternatives to coffeine in the US? Thanks!

Welcome from Italy!! I’ve never heard of barley coffee. I know what you mean because I use to get palpitations from too much caffeine! I am going to check it out. What about this one?


Good to know, Margaret! Thanks!

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