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As I approach week 38 of this pregnancy, things have felt very “stop and go”. It feels like the scene in “Meet the Parents,” when Ben Stiller’s character and Robert DeNiro’s character are racing home from the restaurant and they keep catching red lights. The whole scene is them gunning it, then slamming on the breaks, gunning it, then slamming on the breaks – and that pretty much sums up my current world.

“Get things ready!”

“Relax and put your feet up.”

“Get this done before little man gets here!”

“Seriously – go put your feet up.”

Miss P does not care that I am huge and tired and very pregnant. Instead, she spends her time pulling me up from the couch or chair, saying “Get up, mama!”, and making me dance with her. Today, she was obsessed with Sam Hunt’s “House Party” song, begging me to play it over and over again while holding hands and spinning circles with her – and as we were spinning round and round, I glanced over and noticed that this was the accompanying scene:  

I don’t know if it’s the hormones that are making me delirious, but I could not.stop.laughing. (And I’m a little jealous at the good time this life-size Ted doll we got from Costco is having.)

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