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“Have a Drink On Me”: Awesome and Unique Kid’s Birthday Party Favor

Last weekend we celebrated my adorable niece’s first birthday and christening. Since you know I love all things crafty, I was more than happy to make the favors for the party. I knew I wanted something that was:

  • unique
  • cute
  • useful,

so I did some research to find a favor that would fit the bill. With just a little bit of web surfing, I found it. I present to you:


These were a hit!! They were easy to carry, filled with treats, and adorable. Even the parents loved them! Many said they were going to chug the milk on the way home. And really, who doesn’t love milk and cookies?!




I had to pull together the materials from a few different sources, but all were great and I’ll tell you exactly where I got what below. They were super easy to put together:

  • 2 milk jugs in the front
  • store-bought Chips Ahoy cookies in the back. We also added some other treats in the back (Hersheys Kisses, York Peppermint Patties, chocolate covered pretzels)
  • customized labels (details below). As you can see, the labels on the boxes had the details of the party, while the labels on the milk jugs were a bit more fun and casual, reading, “Have a Drink On Me! Thanks! Love, Maddy”.

I made just over 50 “to-go” packs, using 7 gallons of milk total. You can do this on a smaller or larger scale of course, but I’ll tell you what I did so you can just customize it to fit your needs.

The vendors and materials I used:

  • Vistaprint, for labels on carriers (upload your own design, or customize one of their many templates. You can find them here)
  • Beau-Coup, for the milk jugs and milk jug labels (labels were included with the jugs. You can find them here)
  • R & B’s Wine Supply, for the 4-pack bottle carriers. 52 x .65 cents ea. = $33.80 (you can find them here)
  • Michael’s craft store, for cellophane bags to hold the cookies (available at any craft store and usually sold in packs of 25 or 50)
  • Chocolate chip cookies, milk and other goodies were purchased from a local grocery store (for 52 favors and 2 milk jugs per favor, I needed 7 gallons of 1% milk and 7 boxes of Chips Ahoy cookies)

These were so easy to put together! The night before the party my sister, brother and I filled the jugs with milk, while my mom and aunt stuck the labels on the bottles and carriers and bagged the cookies. We had 52 done in no time. The restaurant was nice enough to let us bring the finished favors from the night before so they could remain refrigerated – a factor to plan for, if you are preparing to assemble these ahead of time.

Even the guest of honor and little party animal loved her milk and cookies!


And yes, that is a giant cookie she is shoving in her mouth 🙂





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I LOVE this!! You are incredible! Not even a mom yet and u already have the best favor idea I’ve seen!! Ok so can u come over and help me put these together for Xander’s birthday?? Love it!!

Of course!! Do you really have to ask?! 😉

I’m in love with this!

Do you know where I could find these bottle carriers but with a Christmas design

Hi Donna, I don’t – but you could do what I did order labels with a Christmas design from Vistaprint. They have tons of holiday designs, and it is super easy to order!

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