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Custom Date Art Giveaway from Mrs. Why Knot

You know what sucks? Monday mornings. You know what completely doesn’t suck? Cool free stuff you can win right here!


What you are looking at up there is “Custom Date Art” from Mrs. Why Knot, and being in the midst of wedding season, I just couldn’t help myself. But keep reading because you don’t have to be a bride-to-be to fall in love with one of these cool pieces.

Is this not an awesome gift?! For the newlywed (or soon-to-be newlywed) couple you would include the dates the two lovey-dovies first met, went on their first date, got engaged, and got married. I LOVE having custom art like this in my home, and what a unique way to display those memories.

What’s even better is that this is not exclusively a wedding gift; you can order one of her custom date art pieces with the dates that mean the most to you or someone you love with the following: family generations, children’s birthdays, trips taken, life-changing moments and milestones, a memorial print…the possibilities are endless! You can see all of her options along with all the different font choices, here. It is seriously the perfect gift to give and receive.

Sooooo, how do you win one of these bad boys? It’s so easy! The details are below. All you have to do is drop a comment on this post answering the following question: What type of custom date art would you order? And would it be a gift, or would you want one for yourself? You can also win extra points by liking both the PunkWife and Mrs. Why Knot Facebook pages and sharing this giveaway with anyone you think would love one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

OR, you can also enter on the PunkWife Facebook post for this giveaway by tagging a friend in the comments! You’ll find the post at the top of my Facebook page.

If you want to skip the giveaway altogether and get started on ordering one of your own, you can do that, too! Right now Mrs. Why Knot is giving 20% off to all of my PunkWife readers, so all you have to do is enter the code ‘punkwife’ at checkout and the discount will be applied automatically. Because she knows you guys are cool like that.

So go ahead….enter the contest!! The cutoff is this Friday June 6th at 3PM and I’ll announce the winner on the blog and in my newsletter, so be sure you are signed up!




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This is a fantastic idea. I like the idea of meaningful art in my home, which is probably why my walls are mostly covered with family photos and artwork done by my children. This I love because not only is it meaningful, it is an excellent way to show some of our family history.

I agree!! Something about seeing all those dates marked down like that all the time that adds a special touch to make the house more “home-y”. Sounds like it would fit perfectly in your house 🙂

I would love one of these for my family!!!!

Natalie, did you get my newsletter email? You are the WINNER!! Woohooooo!!! 🙂 Send me an email at with the date information you want on your Custom Date Art and we’ll get it going!

I would love one for us! Are wedding is this July, would be a cute addition in the livingroom.

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