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Contest Giveaway: Gorgeous Montage Photo Book!

Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff. I like free stuff and I cannot lie. Especially if it’s cool free stuff, the kind that normally would cost $59, that I can fill with my photos of all the people I love and can enjoy for years and years to come, the kind of stuff that you can win RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG!

Contest Giveaway: Gorgeous Montage Photo Book!


And this album, this Montage Photo Book? It’s gorgeous! And oh so soft! I want to stare at it all day long! (Wait – am I talking about my baby’s tooshie?! Because that’s kind of how I feel about that, too. But, for the sake of this post, just so we’re clear, I’m talking about my new photo book.)

You might remember last year when I gave away a voucher for a free Mosaic photo album, the ones you can create right from your smartphone? Well that very same company is at it again, this time, with a high quality album called Montage Book. Montage basically takes all of your photos and arranges them into a gorgeous album that looks as if you hired a professional designer.

I seriously want to hug these guys because we are now going on two years that they have completely removed the stress of gift-giving from my life during the holidays. Who doesn’t love a beautiful photo album filled with pictures of people they love?!

I was allowed to take Montage Book for a test-drive and could not believe how easy it was. It’s as simple as uploading your photos, and then the magic happens: they arrange all of your pictures automatically into a beautiful layouts and pages. So for all you “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” peeps out there, they got you covered and will make you look like a freaking photographic WIZARD.

This giveaway is happening right in time to give you a jump-start on holiday gifts (excellent grandparent gift idea!), but you might want to keep it for yourself because it’s just that cool. If you want to skip right on down to the giveaway so you can enter, go for it, but I’m going to share a few more images to give you an idea of how easy Montage will make it for you to create an album of your very own.

Our Album

Since we recently celebrated the first birthday and baptism of our daughter and our niece, I wanted to make a photo album full of those beautiful images.


(Could we please all take notice of the detail of the foot?! Thank you, Etsy. You’ve done it again. But back to the album.)


Even when I first opened the cover, I found a ‘montage’ of all the images inside the album:


A few things I love about my album:

1.The details! The leather is eco-friendly and very soft. I was VERY happy to see how great the quality is – it even stands up to having my daughter try to wreck it play with it! She absolutely LOVES this book. Forget about her toys, she will sit on the floor with this book for long periods of time and point out the members of her family, and I never worry that she will rip pages or destroy it in any way.

2. The pages. The pages of the album lay nice and flat so the images flow beautifully across the seams.



3. It’s simple to create an album. The Montage website is super easy to use. I’m talking user-friendly for even the most technologically-challenged among us. Here are a few screen shots I took, so you can see what I mean.


You see that ‘shuffle cover’ option? You can keep hitting it (and hitting it and hitting it compulsively, it won’t break) to have it keep bringing in new pictures for you, until it lands on a cover arrangement that catches your eye. You can even include a title, like we did for our album:


Once you upload your pictures, you can start playing around with the layout of the pages. Or not! Montage does a great job laying things out for you, but also gives you the opportunity to make some changes on your own.

You can even move the order of pages around (sort of like moving apps around on your phone), and “drag and drop” more photos onto pages easily. You just grab the image and drop it in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen, like you see below.




You can see for yourself how easy it is to make an album – just go to the home page for Montage and click ‘take a test drive’. It’s as simple as uploading your images, selecting a theme, moving the images around to your liking (if it’s even necessary!) and then ordering your book.

4. There are TONS of different design options! This toolbar shows some of the many options you can go with:


I went with the standard ‘magazine’ layout with white in the background, but here’s how cool some of my pages could look with other options:







5.  There are 3 different sizes you can choose from, and since I thought the mid-size was just right for us, that’s what I’m giving away today on the blog – a $59 value!


Montage has even agreed to cover the shipping cost for the winner of the contest. OK, no more talking – enter the contest! I’ll select the winner a week from today. Here’s how you can enter:

Contest Giveaway: Gorgeous Montage Photo Book!

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As usual, Ali never disappoints. I love the book!

Thank you Gina!! XO

I have been so bad about taking digital pictures and then doing nothing with them. It would be totally awesome to finally have something to show how my family has grown.

Yes!! That’s what I was thinking. Have so many pics all stored in my phone, just sitting there!! This album makes for a great compilation. Good luck 🙂

Love the book, I would use it fr all the hundreds of pictures of my grandsons that I have

And it would be the cutest. freaking. book. EVER….. You’d have to stop people from eating it. LOL

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! I think I would do a montage of the most memorable vacations we have had together as a family:)

That is such a cute idea Natalie…love it. I almost made mine out of the first year with Penelope but I wound up with so many great pics from her baptism so it just worked out. Love your idea!

I would make one about our summer vacation in France 😀

I bet that one would look gorgeous!!

I would love to make one with my wedding pictures!!!

Yanil – AWESOME idea! I don’t know how the wedding picture idea escaped me! This album would be PERFECT for that.

With my wedding coming up in a few short months, this would be a beautiful way to compile all of the gorgeous and oh so expensive pictures Kellen and I will soon have

A wedding album would be perfect for this!! Yes, oh so expensive pics for sure….so happy for you and Kellen! 🙂

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