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Big News and Updates…and a Contest!

So I’m not really sure if I fell down and hit my head and become delusional (which is entirely possible), or if I’m in some kind of dream. I pinched myself about forty times and, although my arm is still red, I’m pretty sure I’m awake. What am I so excited about? One of my articles was published by The Huffington Post!

You may remember it from a few weeks back; it’s called “F*ck Milestones” and features an image of my daughter face planting into a cake. I don’t know how else to convey my excitement, so here goes:


Could you virtually pinch me by checking out the article on HuffPo? If you like it please feel free to comment, share, and Facebook-like away! Those likes and shares are like gold to me, so THANK YOU.

At the very top of the article you will see my bio with a “become a fan” button, and if you click it, you’ll get updates on anything else The Huffington Post is crazy kind enough to publish of mine!

Also, since you guys are my hard-core readers who I love so much, I wanted to make sure you knew to follow me on Facebook because I post a lot of info there as well and don’t want you to miss anything! In fact, let me make it easy for you. I created new and nifty little ‘follow’ buttons that lead to all my social networks where I share lots of info. Here they are:


And now, while I regain my consciousness and put down the paper bag…

Contest Update

Last week I posted about a contest to win a gorgeous tote bag and an autographed copy of my book – over a $60 value! – and that contest is still going on until tomorrow at 3PM. If you haven’t checked it out or entered yet, go do it now!! Here’s the post ¬†from last week with all the details. I made it super easy to enter; you can do so via Facebook, Instagram, or by dropping a comment right on the post. So go enter!!!! I’ll announce the drawing tomorrow at 3!


Hope you guys are having a great week!

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