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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2016: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

best mother's day gifts 2016I think that Mothers Day is a brilliant chance to show your mother how much you love them, whether that’s through a painting, jewelerry, GiftTree baskets or a trip. I’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2016 in this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. If you’re stuck on what to get your mom this year, you might want to consider getting her some jewelry if you haven’t already. Items like silicone rings are not only stylish, but more than affordable too, and could prove to be an amazing gift for your mother. You’ll find the usual suspects, and you’ll also find things for women who enjoy things like whiskey, beer, and cigars, too. Because we’re badass like that.

Here we go!

Mother’s Day Customizable Docking Station/Tablet Holder. She is the central hub of the household, so why not give her a hub that is central for her? You can customize the artwork you’d like, or keep it “Best Mom” (as shown). This one is also easy to assemble/disassemble – perfect for the traveling Mom! Mother’s Day Customizable Docking Station/Tablet Holder

Screenshot 2016-04-24 10.16.59

Monogrammed Clutch. I know for me, I have two types of bags: a jumbo, back-breaking diaper bag, and a tiny, effortlessly chic little clutch that fits all my necessities. And as much as I love carting my little babies around, it’s nice to know that when I go out solo I can easily grab my little clutch and GO. Monogrammed Clutch

“Mama Bear” racer back tank. You know it. She knows it. Now everyone will know it: Don’t poke the bear. Mama Bear Racer Back Tank

Toddlers are Assholes (It’s not your fault). For the mom on your list who may be a little burnt out, and who needs a little reminder. I’m not talking about myself or anything here. Ahem. Toddlers are Assholes, by Bunmi Laditan


It’s Really 10 Months: Special Delivery. This one is an excellent, laugh-out-loud, REAL book for expecting moms. It will feel like a giant hug from all of her best girlfriends, who are talking to her about what she can expect and how to get through it all. Trust me, if she’s got a bun in the oven, she needs this book. (There’s even an essay from yours truly in it.) It’s Really 10 Months, Special Delivery

Spa Robe Gift Card Holder and Wine Bottle Decor. Listen to me carefully: Purchase this gift. Head over to a fantastic spa, and buy her a gift card for a special service. Then head to the wine store, and get her a nice bottle of her favorite wine. Set this up, and present it to her on the morning of Mother’s Day. You’re welcome. Spa Robe Gift Card Holder and Wine Bottle Decor

Super Cozy and Soft Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket. She’s going to need something to snuggle up and keep her warm on the couch what with all of those books. While I can’t fully explain in human words why this thing is so amazing, I don’t think you need me to because just look at! It’s a freaking mermaid tail blanket. It’s specifically designed to keep toes and feet warm, and you can even customize the colors. If you’re thinking about not getting this, I have just one question: Are you crazy? Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket

Mermaid Yarn Bowl. And if she loves reading, mermaids, and knitting? Well then, I just took care of your checklist. You’re welcome. Mermaid Yarn Bow

Mother’s Day Pillow. Check, check, check, CHECK. (Plus, it’s a comforting and cozy gift.) Mother’s Day Pillow

Personalized Book Art. Another really unique, cool gift idea for book lovers. You can also personalize this gift with a word instead of a name, which is a great idea since this year everyone was adopting a word to represent. You can also choose between Times and Helvetica font. Personalized Book Art

Personal library book rubber stamp. We all love a nice trip to the library sometimes, don’t we? A friend of mine loves going to the library so much that she has her own library bags that she takes whenever she pays a visit to the library. In addition to buying great books, these days I’m all about book-swapping as well. And a cute, personalized stamp like this would keep me from side-eyeing my friends as I hand over my favorites and let them out of my sight for a while. Personal library book rubber stamp

Book Lovers’ “Old Books” Soy Candle. Who doesn’t love this smell? No one. That’s right – no one. Book Lovers’ Soy Candle

I Do What I Want Mug. She’ll also need a lovely mug to sip from as she enjoys her reading material and candle. (This one doubles as a great gift for cat-moms, too.) I Do What I Want Mug

“No Soliciting – Sleeping Baby!” Sign. This a slam-dunk for new moms – every new mother needs one of these! I wish I had thought to get one of these when mine were newborn, but since we still do nap time around here, I’m picking one up for myself now. No Soliciting Sleeping Baby sign

“Grandma’s House Rules” Sign. Let’s not forget Grandma’s gift – because even though you know you will inevitably suffer the “grandparent hangover” when you pick up your kids, at least now they’ll know you’re onto them – and that the writing’s on the wall. Grandma’s House Rules Sign

Europe Wine Cork Map Display. This is a great way to display the best kind of artwork: the corks from your favorite wineries! Bonus points for the fact that it is a beautiful and interesting piece of home decor. Europe Wine Cork Map Display

While we’re at it, let’s not forget that us women like beer, too:

USA Beer Cap Display Gift. A very cool wall art for the traveling beer connoisseur. USA Beer Cap Display Gift

Monogrammed Cigar Box. That’s right: we women like cigars, too. And we want to keep them in a pretty box. You got a problem with that?! Personalized Elegant Cigar Box

Mother’s Day Golfer Personalized Wreath. I don’t golf, but I kind of wish I did because I’m in love with this wreath! Maybe I’ll get it anyway, just because it is so stinkin’ cute. Mother’s Day Golfer Personalized Wreath.

“Press for Champagne”. This cheeky little sign reading “press for champagne” is the epitome of being pampered. And yes, it actually RINGS! It comes in a vintage frame and a hanger on the back so you can hang it on the wall. Set it out for her to let her know she’s taken care of today. Know that she will proudly display it year round – just to remind everyone who’s queen around here. *Coupon code: Use code LOVEMOM for 15% off before May 1st! (I already ordered one for my kitchen!) “Press for Champagne” button

“Love You Mom” pears. These are a sweet little reminder to set out for her on the kitchen counter, so she sees it first thing in the morning. In front of the breakfast you’ve made for her. And coffee. And bottle of Kahlua. Love You Mom pears

Rustic “Established” Pallet Serving Tray. Better yet, serve her breakfast in bed using this adorable 10×22 personalized family tray. Distressed, made from pallets, gorgeous handles and personalized monogram? She’ll be so impressed she’ll think you hacked her Pinterest account. (This also makes a very cool kitchen centerpiece when not in use! But seriously: — USE IT.) Rustic “Established” Pallet Serving Tray

The Marlowe Lunch Bag with Lunch Palette and Knife. She’s already known at work for her artisan taste in food. Now, help her lunch bag do the answering for her. This bag is reusable, ideal for carrying lunch or snacks, and includes a lunch palette and knife both made from reclaimed wood. It even comes with an adorable exterior pouch for you to place your loving notes for her to find at lunch time (what, you didn’t think moms appreciate being on the receiving end of those?). The Marlowe Lunch Bag with Lunch Palette and Knife

“Asshole Repellent” candle. And while she’s at work enjoying her artisan lunch, someone’s bound to give her flak over her foodie choices. Tell her to set this on her desk. And when she sees them coming, tell her to nod along, keep eye contact – and light this candle. They’ll get the hint. And also? It’s soy. Asshole repellent candle

Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray. This adds an instant spa feel to the bathroom. And it BEGS you to take a bath. It’s the perfect place for a glass of wine and a book. Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray

Mengo AquaCube, Waterproof Speaker. This one looks as refreshing as it sounds. Mango AquaCube Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth

Hand Etched Dragonfly Perfume Bottle. I don’t know why but I can’t stop looking at this – it’s so beautiful and classy. The bottle is hand blown and it has a fitted dabber. It’s super elegant, and will make her feel like a movie star whether she’s getting gussied up for a fancy date night, or simply heading out to Target. (But take her out for a date night, okay?) Hand Etched Dragonfly Perfume Bottle

“Butterfly Migration” Vintage Wood Bound Canvas Map. Everything about this map is GORGEOUS! (In my humble opinion.) It’s vintage, easy to hang anywhere with no heavy frame or glass (yay for you), and each map is printed, signed, numbered, and hand constructed in the U.S.A. It even has the “pull-down” scroll feature. Order it before I buy them all up. Butterfly Migration vintage wood bound map

“Good Vibes Only” sign. For those moms on your list who are making their best efforts to keep it positive. Good Vibes Only sign

“Let That Shit Go” Buddha sign. And one for those who might like a more subtle reminder from Buddha. Let That Shit Go sign

“I May Not Be…” sign. This one is super sweet, and I love that it focuses on your relationship. I May Not Be sign

Woven Customized Vow Art. Sure, it’s Mother’s Day, but if you’re looking to show your love to your lady, this one could be a major score. It’s your vows, woven together to create a stunning and meaningful visual masterpiece of love. (Mind = blown.) It is placed inside a black shadowbox (click through to see it) so you can hang it on the wall, or it can also be placed on a table as a centerpiece. Woven Customized Vow Art

Custom Name Metal Kitchen Sign. She knows it, you know it – now everyone will know it. (And there are lots of choices in colors!) Custom Name Metal Kitchen Sign.

Photo Apr 08, 10 54 57 AM

Nonna Box. For those who enjoy true, AUTHENTIC Italian cooking, it doesn’t get much better than this. She’ll get a box shipped directly to her door full of gourmet cooking items sourced and shipped from different regions of Italy. These are the kinds of things that will never be found in a grocery store – even the specialty ones. It’s like her secret stash of the mother country, right in her pantry. I tried this one out for myself, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic. Nonna Box

Initial with Opaline Stone Layered Necklace. This one allows you to pick both the length of the necklace and the initial. Perfect for the mom of a new little one! Initial with Opaline Stone Layered Necklace

Mama Bird Personalized Family Necklace. You can choose as many baby birds as you want for this personalized necklace, and you get to choose between a Matte Silver or Gold plated Branch (1.80″ L). The baby bird charms are hand stamped Silver or Gold, and for the chain you can also choose vermeil, which is hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin. Made in USA or Italy. Personalized Family Necklace

Semicolon ring. You’ve likely heard about the semi-colon and its meaning. While not everyone is interested in getting a tattoo (as many have done), this ring is a very special – and important – reminder. Semicolon ring

I F*cking Love You necklace. Don’t tell me you can’t appreciate a well-placed F-bomb. Because sometimes, there’s no other way to describe the magnitude of your love. (This is great for a friend, too!) I F*cking Love You Necklace

(Note: If the f-bomb above is a bit much for your gift idea, you should really see the rest of these to choose from – with words like “fearless”, “badass”, “hot mess”, and more! See them all.)

Bear Silhouette Lotus Necklace. Another one for the Mama Bear in your life. This one features a Bear of course, but my favorite part is the lotus flower on the side. The Lotus flower can symbolize the clarity of heart as well as the mind. It also represents strength, good luck, long life as well as honor and respect – all of which make a perfect – and thoughtful – gift for Mom. Bear Silhouette Lotus Necklace

Black Cuffs Crushed Druzy (Set of 3). I’m all about bangles and stacking jewelry these days, and I’m loving this set! My favorite thing about them is that they are elegant, so you can wear them to a formal event. You can even give these to her in a box alongside tickets to an event or party. (Look at me, giving you combo gift ideas.) Black cuffs crushed druzy

Small Wood Jewelry Cabinet. Now that you got her all of that jewelry, get her a chic little cabinet to store it in. Small wood jewelry cabinet

Wind-Up Personalized Musical Jewelry Box. I have really beautiful memories of wind-up jewelry boxes from when I was a little girl. The sweet smell of the wood, the charming music…putting on jewelry was a sensory experience. Now you can do the same for the mom in your life. With this one, you can customize the carved word(s) on the top, the color of wood – you even get to customize the song! Wind-Up Personalized Musical Jewelry Box.

Outdoor hammock table. Gentleman! Husbands! Dads! Or anyone, for that matter! Order this one for her, then set it up. Place a cocktail on it, and a book (as shown), then lead her to it and show her the beautiful new outdoor oasis nook that is all her own. (And really, this can work for indoors, too.) Bonus points if you take the kids for a few hours and let her relax! Outdoor hammock table

Four Seasons Hand Painted Birds Glass Set. A Winter Cardinal with snow nestled in the crooks of the tree branches. A Spring Hummingbird with two-tones of pink and white blossoms. A Yellow Finch perched among lush green and gold Summer leaves and an Autumn Bluebird surrounded by brilliant orange and red turning leaves. These are beautiful – and a thoughtful gift for the nature lover mother in your world. Four Seasons Hand Painted Birds Glass Set

Foodie Dice. This idea really works for me, because I love food – but also because we pretty much “roll the dice” on dinner on a nightly basis. You select the five primary dice, add a seasonal veggie die and roll. Now, if only we could get them to cook for us… Foodie Dice

Mom’s Taste Test Spoon. I am ALWAYS grabbing for a spoon within my reach, and I wind up with a million out at once! This is genius, thoughtful, and adorable for a gift. Mom’s Taste Test Spoon

“From the Kitchen of…” For the woman who loves to share her kitchen creations. Now she can deliver them with love – and a proper tag. It even comes with baker’s twine. From the Kitchen of Tags

Texas Skillet. Everything’s bigger in Texas…including omelettes. Texas skillet

Mother/Daughter Apron Set. If the mom in your world has a little girl, you just can’t lose with this one. My sister got my daughter and I a matching set and we LOVE it. (Confession: we even put them on when we are ordering takeout.) Mother/Daughter Apron Set

Happy First Mother’s Day Baby Onesie. After all this shopping, don’t forget to dress the baby. Happy First Mother’s Day Baby Onesie

“Fifty Shades of Stupid” ceramic wine decanter. Christian Gray meets grumpy cat. And wine. Fifty Shades of Stupid wine decanter

“Connoisseur” Personalized Mug. When she’s done decanting her wine she can pour it into her brand new personalized mug. Connoisseur personalized mug

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. I love gifts that are thoughtful and show you really care. Remind her to take care of herself by helping her stay hydrated with this fruit infusion water bottle. It comes with a recipe book, and a brush to clean it. She (and her skin) will thank you. It may not be sparkly like jewelry, but you should get it anyway and give it alongside the jewelry. Because she needs it, it’s important, and she’ll be grateful every time she uses it. Like those socks Grandma gives everyone for Christmas each year. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Shatterproof Good Day Bad Day Wine Glass. This is probably more of a gift to the rest of the family because it will help them to know when it’s best to approach, but anything involving wine is usually a score for a Mother’s Day gift – and she’ll appreciate this one a lot. Plus, it’s shatterproof, which is great for when she slams it against the wall in a fury accidentally drops it. Shatterproof Good Day Bad Day Wine Glass

Personalized Cat Mugs (set of 4). Cat moms are moms, too. Personalize these mugs with a saying or word of your choice (on the back)! Set of 4 Personalized Cat Mugs

Stay at Home Dog Mom. And don’t forget the proud dog moms! Stay at Home Dog Mom T-Shirt

Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and why not? Coloring is therapeutic. And sometimes, when a certain someone has chewed through the door frame yet again, that’s exactly what a dog lover needs. Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book

Cat Mom Bracelet. You know she’ll wear it proud, in honor of her fur baby (or babies). Cat Mom Bracelet

Yellow Garden Tote. The fastest way to cozy up a space is to add a little greenery, and this cheerful little tote does just that. It’s casual, so it gives the effortless look that’s just right to cheer up a kitchen island or counter. You can use this for herbs, which I love! Grab a small container of organic basil, and set it up on the kitchen counter. (If she’s not into cooking, grab mint instead – she can use it for mojitos.) Yellow Garden Tote

Latitude Longitude GPS Coordinates Sign. You can order the GPS coordinates of the location you were married, where your children were born, where you had your first kiss… the possibilities are endless! Latitude Longitude GPS Coordinates Sign

Dear Mom Travel Mug. For all the “favorite children” (you know who you are). Show mom your undying love (and your passive aggressive sibling rivalry) with this “Dear Mom” mug that reads: “Dear Mom, Thanks 4 putting up with a spoiled, ungrateful, messy, bratty child like my sibling. Love, your favorite.” Dear Mom Travel Mug

Put Away Your Laundry sign. Help her say it on those days she can’t find the words. Put away your laundry sign

Grandparent “announcement” pillow. If you have a fun announcement to make and were waiting for Mother’s Day to let Grandma know about it, let this adorable pillow help you out. Grandparent announcement pillow

The Best Parents Get Promoted Announcement Sign. Another adorable way to let your parents know that they have a grandchild on the way. The Best Parents Get Promoted Announcement Sign

Still Looking? See all the awesome items on my other gift guides, here: PunkWife Gift Guides


Alessandra Macaluso is the author of What a Good Eater! , Lucy the Bee and the Healing Honey, and The Real-Deal Bridal Bible. Sheโ€™s also a Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, and overall wellness advocate. Her work has been featured in several anthologies which can all be found on her Amazon author page, and she has contributed to The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, TODAY Parents, and many other online publications.

Alessandra is a northerner-turned-southerner, enjoying the south with her children, Penelope and Ciro, and her husband, Greg.

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